The Birth of a Mother: My Story

I never want to be a blogger that over shares, but as it is Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week I want to tell you the story of my birth as a mother.

Why I’m Giving Up Alcohol

I didn’t start drinking until I was 20, but since then I’ve made up for lost time! Recently, I’ve noticed I’ve been drinking more – and more often. So, I decided to have six weeks without alcohol and to see what I gain by giving up something I love – and let’s be honest is fun!

Struggling with Parenthood? The Advice I was Looking For When I Wasn’t Coping With Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

Sometimes the birth of a parent is harder than the birth of a child. For me, it was bloody tough. In those early months, I suffered anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks. All I could think about was walking out the front door and never coming back. As part of PNDA Awareness Week, I spoke with the Terri Smith, the CEO of PANDA, to find out about the symptoms of perinatal depression and anxiety, how you can get help – and how you can support someone you love who is struggling.

What Are the Health Benefits of Chia Seeds?

Ever wondered what the big deal is about Chia Seeds? Well, I’ve put together a cheat sheet that will run you through the health benefits of this superfood. I also share some simple ideas for how you can add them into your diet.

5 Favourite Things: Nadia Felsch

Nadia Felsch, an author, health and wellbeing writer, recipe tester, food stylist trailblazer and big dreamer shares what makes her heart skip a beat in Spring. Plus, she shares a super fast and simple recipe from her ebook, eat well, look good feel great.

How to Create a Balanced Lifestyle for a Positive Mindset

Everything will be fine once things settle down. Once this project/deadline/commitment is done and dusted, I’ll have time for all the stuff that’s slipped by the wayside. Sound familiar?
Today, co-founder of White Zebra, Fiona Caddies, shares her really practical tips for creating a balanced lifestyle so you can feel happier and more positive each day.

Love Your Guts: A Guide to Good Gut Health

Do you love your guts? And no, not in a Kardashian way! Find out why good digestive health is the cornerstone of optimal health and the most important thing you can do to live well.