Pencil It In

Images: Klimit02 Community Coloured Pencil Jewellery Circa 1988 and the highlight of my day was using the electric sharpener that was bolted to our teacher’s desk to whittle my HB into a Stuart Little sized pencil. Fast forward twenty years and not much has changed. The highlight of my day is still a pencil stub, …

Back to Work

Images: Shop Until and Suck UK Origami Sticky Note Pads My stomach is in knots as today I’m returning to work after Maternity Leave. In many ways it feels like the first day of school! I just wish I had found these Origami Sticky Note Pads earlier, as I’ve always been a firm believer in …

Idol Worship

Images: NoteMaker Stationary by O-Check Design Graphics If there was an American Idol for stationary, Randy Jackson would say: Yo, yo, yo, check it out dude – for me, for you, I can’t get enough of O-Check! And as I couldn’t agree more, I’d spend my life-savings texting, calling and voting for them. You see, …

Colour My Day

Images: AssistOn RichColourCRAYON Set Rain, rain, go away. Trace a rainbow across the sky with this RichColorCRAYON Set. Inspired by ice cream flavours they are almost too pretty to use… Found via NotCot.

Nice Pear

Images: kok design Kudamemo Sticky Notes I’ve got a bad case of stationary envy and it just got a hell of a lot worse when I laid eyes on these fruit sticky notes from Japanese design house, D-BROS. Available in the shape of an apple or pear, they are almost good enough to eat!