My Top Seven Stationary Finds at Typo

Even though I left school many moons ago, this time of year always makes me think of new stationary. It’s as though a fresh start can only happen when I have a new notebook and pens! So, I recently went into Typo to hunt down my fave stationary finds for the year ahead.

Mad About MoTex

Consider this fair warning: If you stand still next to me, you will be labelled with my new MoTex.

Kiss With A Fist

Some days are diamonds…and some days a Little Book of Satire is all you need.

Put a Cork In It

Put a cork in it…er…on it and you’ll have a beautifully tactile journal by Michael Roger.

Moleskine Mini Planner Stop-Motion

MINI PLANNERS from Moleskine ® on Vimeo. Things have been a little crazy around these parts. The usual December madness of catch-ups, cocktails and cheer is in overdrive and things have never been busier (or more exciting) on the work front. So, I thought the perfect tonic would be one part part frivolous and two …

Handwriting Envy

Images: Primele Calligraphy Stamp I’ve always had serious handwriting envy of my mum. Every word I write looks like a collection of long, skinny spider legs. Whereas her letters are always jolly, perfectly rounded and satisfying. I’ve finally found a way to fake it ’till I make it though! Check out these customised calligraphy stamps …

Obsessive List Disorder

Ask Alice Stationery I have obsessive list disorder. Every Sunday I write a list of all my big ideas and plans for the week ahead. Then, each night I break it down and write a list for the following day. I still can’t work out whether it’s the act of writing the list or crossing …

Died and Gone to Heaven

Images: Mocoloco Moleskine’s Passion Collection My love of Moleskine is only (just) second to my love of wine. Which is why Moleskine’s new Passions Collection is a match made in heaven! Each of these journals features a layout oriented toward recording and recalling thoughts, memories and notes about six of life’s great passions – food, …