Watch The Checks and Spots HQ Renovation

Cue the star dust and dancing girls! It’s time to introduce you to my latest project – The Checks and Spots HQ renovation. In this first episode of my video series, I share my new studio space and let you in on the makeover I’ve got planned for it.

10 Design Tips for a Small Kitchen

With a little bit of clever planning and creativity, small kitchens can still have all the space you need. Here’s my ten design tips for maximising even the most miniscule of kitchen spaces.

Bubble Chandelier

So, our reno is creeping along at half the pace of a snail. While it’s frustrating that we seem to have more problems than solutions, at least it means we can spend more time looking for fixtures and finishes.

Renovate: Wallpapers

This year we’re renovating our art deco home. After two years of dreaming and planning it’s hard to believe that we’re about to get started. Over the coming months, I’ll share some of the bits and pieces I discover along the path to our new/old home. First up – wallpaper. We think that one of …