Perfectly Imperfect

Thank god Illamasqua came along with this speckle nail polish or I would have been stuck in my 50-shades-of-red repertoire forever!


Pardon the ugly feet photo, but this is my new fave nail polish for Autumn. It’s the perfect blue grey hue and I know you’ll want it too. The polish that is. Not the ugly trotters!

Intergalactic Nails

I’m easily distracted by shiny things, like these intergalactic nails spotted at Rachel Gilbert’s RAFW show. Luckily my focus returned long enough for me to find an exact match for these hi-shine, metallic digits.

Trend Spotter: Nails

London-based Sophy Robson is the nail artist extraordinaire who sets and makes trends. I was looking through her work at recent fashion shows and wondered which of these looks you see taking off.