Why I’m Giving Up Alcohol

I didn’t start drinking until I was 20, but since then I’ve made up for lost time! Recently, I’ve noticed I’ve been drinking more – and more often. So, I decided to have six weeks without alcohol and to see what I gain by giving up something I love – and let’s be honest is fun!

Grief, Loss and Bone Handled Knives

Today marks four months since my grandmother, Brownie, made her graceful exit. Even though loss isn’t new to me, I’m struggling with how disorientating and unpredictable grief can be.

A Love Story

This might look like an ordinary old apartment building, on an ordinary old street, in an ordinary old part of New York, but it’s actually a love story that has brought me 16,670 kms across the globe.

27 Days of Living and Dying

My beloved Grandmother made a graceful exit last Saturday, just three weeks after my Grandfather passed away. In those 27 days, I learnt as much about living as I did about dying.