How To Start An Art Collection

You don’t have to be loaded or take yourself too seriously to start an art collection. Eugenia Wilson, Australian Director of LUMAS, an International concept gallery that aims to make the art market more accessible, drops by and gives us a stack of practical tips for your first foray into the world of buying art.

Shop The Trend: Cork Homewares

From light fightings and furniture to tableware and storage accessories, cork homewares are big news. To bring a little of this trend home to your place, here’s 10 of the best pieces that you can shop online.

35 Budget Decorating Tips

Updating your home and giving it a new look doesn’t need to break the bank. Get resourceful with my simple and creative budget decorating tips!

The Block Kitchen Trends To Put On Your Radar

Last week, The Good Guys and Shaynna Blaze took me through all the kitchens on The Block Triple Threat. Getting up close and personal with these spaces was a very different experience to seeing them on the telly! I got a much truer sense of proportions and finishes, plus I picked up on five kitchen trends to put on your radar.