The Block Kitchen Trends To Put On Your Radar

Last week, The Good Guys and Shaynna Blaze took me through all the kitchens on The Block Triple Threat. Getting up close and personal with these spaces was a very different experience to seeing them on the telly! I got a much truer sense of proportions and finishes, plus I picked up on five kitchen trends to put on your radar.

Real Living for Freedom Homewares Collection

It hasn’t even been a week since I declared I’d be cutting back on the number of days I publish and no longer sharing a new post on Wednesday. But, I’ve got something that’s just too good to hold out on you. So, think of me as John Farnham and the launch of the real living for Freedom homewares collection as my ‘one night only’ comeback tour!

How To Hang Artwork at Home Like a Pro

You’ve found the perfect piece of artwork for that bare wall, but before you start bashing in a hook and hoping you’ve got it straight, let’s catch up with The Artwork Stylist for their super handy tips on how to hang artwork like a pro.

The Days of Our Lives: Sarah Lawrence, Cotton On KIDS

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Sarah Lawrence, the lucky gal with one of the best gigs going around – Product Developer for Cotton On KIDS Room. Plus, take a sneak peek at the latest collection from Cotton On KIDS Room which just dropped yesterday.

How To Update Your Home For Winter

In the last week, summer has softened to Autumn. The light has got that beautiful golden glow and early mornings have a fresh, crispness. So, I decided to team up with Freedom to show you some very simple ways of updating your living room, bedroom and diningware for the cooler months ahead.