7 Easy Ways To Have More Body Love

Let’s be honest, body love is a quiet battle that many of us come up against. While it’s so easy to shower love on everyone else, it can be a difficult art to truly and completely love ourselves. So, I asked Jacquie Sharples, the author of ‘If Your Body Could Talk’ and passionate gal behind Carpe Diem Wellbeing to share how we can have more body love – today.

Savour the Mundane

It’s been a heartbreaking week in our household. The type that sharply shifts everything into focus and smacks you with a new perspective. But through it all, I learnt a big lesson…

I Like This

Have you noticed that lately it feels like there needs to be more of this?

Write to Change July

Research proves that gratitude and greater happiness are tied together. So I’m making a gratitude journal my Write to Change for July. What are you going to do? Share your Write to Change and become accountable for achieving your goals in July…