Why We Gain Weight In Winter – and How To Avoid It

Let’s face it – it’s all too easy to pile on the kilos along with the winter woolies! But there are ways to prevent winter weight gain. Discover the scientific, evolutionary reason behind why it happens and what you can do differently over the coming months to avoid it.

Three Things I’m Doing Differently This Year

I must confess – last year whipped my arse. So, just before Christmas I decided to pull the pin on everything and take six weeks off. All I wanted was to catch my breath and get a little perspective. Over the holidays I realised there were three things I’m going to differently this year…

How To Give Your Body The Right Fuel When Exercising

I’ve realised that to succeed in the gym, I need to start and end my workout in the kitchen. So, I caught up with Steph Lowe, aka The Natural Nutritionist, and got her to tell me where I was going wrong, and what I was doing right when fueling my body for exercise.

Change for the Best + Fitness First Giveaway {Closed}

I’ve tried writing this post so many times, but keep deleting it because it made me feel uncomfortable admitting how I spent most of last year. But, it’s something I want to share, so with a deep breath here goes!

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