5 Kitchen Renovation Lessons from The Block

Kitchen week on The Block is always my favourite, and last Sunday’s reveal didn’t disappoint. It was a good chance to spot the latest design trends and learn a few handy kitchen renovation lessons…what works and what doesn’t!

The Block Kitchen Trends To Put On Your Radar

Last week, The Good Guys and Shaynna Blaze took me through all the kitchens on The Block Triple Threat. Getting up close and personal with these spaces was a very different experience to seeing them on the telly! I got a much truer sense of proportions and finishes, plus I picked up on five kitchen trends to put on your radar.

The Days of Our Lives: Sarah Lawrence, Cotton On KIDS

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Sarah Lawrence, the lucky gal with one of the best gigs going around – Product Developer for Cotton On KIDS Room. Plus, take a sneak peek at the latest collection from Cotton On KIDS Room which just dropped yesterday.