Lessons in Creativity

Discover five brilliant lessons in creativity from some of the clever cookies who will be in Melbourne this week for Life Instyle.

The Days of Our Lives: Lina Shigemitsu, Lina Bada Candles

This is a day in the life of Lina Shigemitsu, a Sydney-based perfumer, landscape architect and founder of Lina Bada candles.
In two years of running this weekly series, I have never come across anyone else who spends the middle of their day doing what Lina does – and yet it makes the most sense!

The Days of Our Lives: Liz Sunshine, STREET SMITH

This week I’d like to introduce you to Liz Sunshine, the creator and photographer behind STREET SMITH, a fashion photography portfolio shocasing the best in street style from around Melbourne. This is a day in her life as one of Melbourne’s most well-known fashion photographers…

The Waking Hour: Morning Routines of Creative People

I’m fascinated with the routine of creative folk and what their typical day holds. So, I decided to ask some of our most original makers, creators and artists to share their morning routine and how their first hour sets them up for the day ahead.