Vital Protein Green Coffee Review + Giveaway {Closed}

Thought protein drinks are only for people who huff and puff and pump iron? Think again! Protein is essential for the support of lean muscle mass, energy levels and weight control. And if you’re going to have a protein drink, you might as well make it the cleanest and most pure one going around – Vital Protein Green Coffee. Oh, and did I mention that I’m giving away 10 prize packs so you can get your own Vital Protein hit?!

Does Dietlicious Work?

If there’s a healthy shortcut that makes it easy to eat well, then I want to know more! So, recently I asked one of Checks and Spots’ readers, Sarah, to roadtest Dietlicious – a gourmet home delivery service – and find out if it lives up to the hype.

9 Tips For A Healthy Detox

She’s worked with the likes of Miranda Kerr, Samantha Harris and Jessica Gomes, now naturopath and nutritionist, Saimaa Miller shares with us her top tips for a healthy detox…