Interview: Australian Artist, Miranda Skoczek

Celebrated artist, Miranda Skoczek, sits down with Checks and Spots to talk single-parenting, creative mothering, her life affirming tree change and latest exhibition, Fragments and Sunbeams.

How To Start An Art Collection

You don’t have to be loaded or take yourself too seriously to start an art collection. Eugenia Wilson, Australian Director of LUMAS, an International concept gallery that aims to make the art market more accessible, drops by and gives us a stack of practical tips for your first foray into the world of buying art.

The Days of Our Lives: Alex and Elle, Creators of Alex&Elle

Let me introduce you to Alex and Elle, two Swedish friends who are using Scandinavian designer textiles to create handmade fabric wall art here in Melbourne. This is a day in their life as busy mums and creators behind the label, Alex&Elle.

How To Hang Artwork at Home Like a Pro

You’ve found the perfect piece of artwork for that bare wall, but before you start bashing in a hook and hoping you’ve got it straight, let’s catch up with The Artwork Stylist for their super handy tips on how to hang artwork like a pro.

That One Night

I love this photo of my fella and I. I can remember the night and exactly what I was saying…