Pleasure Pods

I’ve got a whole lotta love for Gatsby & Tibbs. This leather accessories label has an impressive collection of bags and satchels, but it’s the leather pods that are a real stand-out.

Sock It To Me

It might seem a bit strange getting this excited about hosiery, but have you ever seen anything like these trouser stockings? I mean seriously?!

The Lady Collection

Image: Refinery29 My sweet tooth is seriously out of control at the moment, and these sherbet-coloured watches are doing nothing to help! Available in 10 hues, Swatch’s latest Lady Collection features a long, slim silicone strap that wraps around the wrist twice. In fact, I haven’t had a Swatch since the 80’s but I think …

Wearable Planter

Images: Etsy Let Colleen Jordan’s Wearable Planter lead you up the garden path. Each piece is handmade to order and is perfect for wearing a sprout, succulent or flower you found on your morning walk. As a guaranteed conversation starter, there will be no uncomfortable silences when wearing this piece of miniature perfection! US $55; …

Granny Tunes

Images: Greece is for Lovers In the perfect collusion of high tech meets handmade, Greece is for Lovers have released a crochet sleeve to soften up your ipod’s hard beats. Inspired by the traditional craft of Greek lace making, these ipod cases are all form, and not a lot of function – which just the …

Jewellery by Deirdre

Believe me when I say – you need to know about a girl called Deirdre. Working predominately with ceramics, Deirdre creates cosmic jewelry that is based on straight lines and triangles. Geometry had never looked so good! Contact [email protected] for stockists and further details.