Run Forest, Run!

Images: Pom Love

Pom Love

I’m almost too scared to say it out loud because then it means I really have to do it! But, here goes…I’ve decided to have a shot at the Mother’s Day Classic.

I know it’s hardly a marathon, but considering I’ve only just got back into running, this measly 8km seems near impossible. In fact, the only thing that is likely to get me over the line, is a cheer squad shake-shake-shaking these pretty-as-a-picture pom poms. That way there will be a suitable decoy from my fire engine red face, which usually forces me to run under the cover of darkness to avoid soul crushing embarrassment!

From US $5; available online from Pom Love’s Etsy Store. Plus, Pom Love is having an online sale. So it’s definitely worth your while to click on over!
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