Obsessive List Disorder

Ask Alice Stationery

I have obsessive list disorder. Every Sunday I write a list of all my big ideas and plans for the week ahead. Then, each night I break it down and write a list for the following day. I still can’t work out whether it’s the act of writing the list or crossing it off that has me hooked.

I’m also very particular about where my lists are housed. Usually it’s a Moleskine. But when I went to buy a new one this morning, I ended up walking out with this Ask Alice book instead. Designed and printed in Melbourne, it’s made from 100 recycled paper and printed with non-toxic, vegetable-based inks. Plus, there are a few sneaky dividers made from vintage comic books and a secret pocket in the back.

I’m so enamoured with my new notebook that I couldn’t wait for my usual evening list-writing fix. So, I did what any self-respecting list addict would do – I made a list of my lists!

AU $26; available online from Ask Alice.

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