Now, Hear This…

Raphael Saadiq

Grey. Drab. The only thing making me feel better on this icy cold morning is listening to Raphael Saadiq.

About a year ago, my brother left Raphael’s album, The Way I See It, by my front door. Ever since then, I find myself listening to is at least one a week….and I’m not sick of it yet!

Think Marvin Gaye meets Prince – Raphael’s sound is a throwback to classic, old school Motown/soul. This triple threat singer-writer-producer, also plays every instrument on The Way I See It. And as for his vocals, well they bathe even the bleakest of days in honey!

PS: Raphael is certainly no newcomer. In fact, he was part of 80’s group Toni! Tony! Tone! Now, that’s a blast from the past…
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