Interview: Artist and Taxidermist, Julia deVille

Images from Julia deVille’s latest exhibition, Night’s Plutonian Shore.

Have you noticed that taxidermy seems to be having something of a renaissance? One of the most fascinating artists in this realm is Julia deVille.

While her work is undoubtedly intriguing and hauntingly beautiful, it is Julia’s philosophies on life, death and art that are just as captivating. “The nature of our culture is is to obsess over planning the future, however, in doing so we forget to enjoy the present, says Julia. “I consider my taxidermy to be a celebration of life, a preservation of something beautiful.”

In the first of a new Interview series, I recently caught up with Julia to find out a little bit more about what makes her tick.

I describe my work as quiet, dark, sentimental.

I’m inspired by nature, life, death and the Victorians.

I’m currently working on new work for an exhibition at the Aesop stores in London and Paris, this October.

A day in my life. I get up, walk my dogs, work for a bit, go to yoga in the city and buy supplies, come home and work some more then hang out with my lovely husband Nick.

I’m passionate about life and animal rights. I believe all life is important and as conscious beings we have the responsibility to preserve it.

You’ll often find me working!

If I wasn’t an artist or jeweler I’d be dead…or a scientist.

I’ll always being asked, “Where do you get your animals from?” They have all died of natural causes and most are donated to me.

People are often surprised to learn that I am a vegetarian (and not a goth).

My golden rule is life is precious and we can live very comfortably without taking it.

Night’s Putonian Shore, is at Sophie Gannon Gallery until 21 August 2010.

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