Idol Worship

Images: NoteMaker

Stationary by O-Check Design Graphics

If there was an American Idol for stationary, Randy Jackson would say:

Yo, yo, yo, check it out dude – for me, for you, I can’t get enough of O-Check!

And as I couldn’t agree more, I’d spend my life-savings texting, calling and voting for them.

You see, I’m O-Check Design Graphics’ number one fan. I can’t get enough of their stationary which weaves together thoughtful nostalgia, charm, originality and environmental awareness. In fact, much of their collection is created from recycled products, natural fabrics, wood and soy ink.

My most recent O-Check purchase was an All My Thoughts & The Heart Talks journal, simply because I couldn’t resist the words on its cover. Come to think of it, I think I’ll find it just as hard to resist tuning in to see how Ellen fares when she takes over from Paula…ah, life’s guilty pleasures!

NoteMaker is the only Australian retailer to stock the full O-Check range.
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