Got it Covered

Images: plushism

Felt iPhone Buddy Case

After fighting the good fight against all things Gen Y, I’ve finally caved. In the last two weeks I’ve got on board the Facebook train, and became the proud owner of a shiny new iPhone. Sheesh.

Was it the 3.5 inch screen or bazillion niffty apps that got me over the line? Believe it or not, it was actually this felt cover from plushism that made me an iPhone convert. I love a bit of irony, and what could be more delicious than some handmade felt love for such a whizz bang piece of technology? Plus it looks much better than a plastic case which reminds me of those couch covers.

And if an iPhone isn’t your thing, check out plushism’s camera cases. It doesn’t get much cuter than this!

From US$ 34.80, available from Etsy.
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