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Clever Little Bag from Puma

In my day job we’ve been thinking about how we can change the way we do business so that we tread more lightly on the earth. Our intentions are pure and honest, but what I’ve come to realise is that you need more than that. You need a bucket load of creativity so that you can reimagine everything you do. Even the things you’ve been doing the same way, year in, year out.

Puma’s collaboration with Yves Behar is living proof of this. After 2,000 ideas and 40-plus packaging prototypes they found that by switching from their iconic red shoebox to the Clever Little Bag, they could reduce their cardboard use by 65, create a packaging option that takes up less shipping space and weight and say Sayonara to plastic retail bags.

All puns aside, sometimes it pays to think outside the box!
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