Five Alive Friday

Ah, yes…nothing feels as good as a Friday afternoon does! Here’s five link to amuse, distract and get you closer to the good times. Enjoy!

  1. In light of Germaine Greer’s recent comments on Julia Gillard’s wardobe, this article about How Hilary Clinton Convinced Us Not to Care About Her Clothes makes particlularly good reading.
  2. Need. Want. Got to Have this Check-List Stamp!
  3. Did you know that every piece of plastic ever made still exists in the world today – unless it was burnt and the toxic fumes filtered into the atmosphere?
  4. Ssssh! Enjoy The Joy of Quiet.
  5. Make sure you stop by and check out this amazing photo series by Anja Hitzenberger that documents China’s exotic fast food culture.
Image: This Isn’t Happiness
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