Five Alive Friday

Happy Friday! Here’s five links to slide you closer to 5pm and all the good times this weekend has in store…

  1. Don’t miss Anna Skladmann’s photographic series, Little Adults, which takes a look at what it’s like to grow up as a privileged child in Russia.
  2. Here’s how you stay loved up for more than 70 years!
  3. Known for doing away with unnecessary packaging, here’s how the bright sparks at Lush rethought toothpaste and got rid of the tube.
  4. Since Lana Del Ray is going to be 2012 what Adele was to 2011, take a moment to read this great piece.
  5. With summer holidays almost over and school starting next week, this is a beautiful reminder that life keeps rolling on and nothing lasts forever.
Image: Spilt Lemonade
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