Five Alive Friday

I hope you’ve got a corker of a weekend waiting in the wings. Here’s five links to get you there that little bit sooner…

  1. Awkward pregnancy photos. Need I say more?!
  2. And at the other end of the spectrum…here’s a fascinating article on the 9/11 memorial and its disappointments.
  3. Last night we had dinner at Mum and Dad’s place. I made this apple cake for dessert and it was delish – if I do say so myself! I left the topping off though as I thought it would be sugar overload.
  4. Sheesh. Not even celebrity children are safe from Vogue’s over zealous airburshing.
  5. The paper accessories created by London designer, Héctor Serrano, to turn balloons into animal heads are pure whimsy.

Image: Jei Tootle
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