Five Alive Friday

Good morning! Here’s five links that will have you cruising through to 5pm quicker than you can say, G&T. See you on Tuesday, after a long weekend of eating, indulging and recharging…

  1. The world is all the better for The Cosby Sweater Project and its dedication to archiving the Cosby family’s knitwear.
  2. Business of Your Brain is a really clever – and intriguing – app that analyses your Microsoft Outlook activity to identify what’s distracting your focus.
  3. The Duchess of Cambridge knocks it out of the park in this pale pink, sequined gown from Jenny Packham’s Spring 2011 collection.
  4. This cave house is the stuff of fantasies and childhood dreams.
  5. There’s nothing like a flowchart to sort out affairs of the heart!


Image: Charmaine Olivia
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