Five Alive Friday

Fun times a-go-go! Here’s five links to get you closer to 5 pm:

  1. I’m not that good at camping. I might improve though if I had this tent!
  2. Here’s 17 cooking tricks for real wellness. Small changes. Big difference.
  3. Fancy a history lesson with a twist? Well, let me introduce you to Bangable Dudes in History. And yes, it is safe for work!
  4. Do a bit of people watching and check out this gallery of who’s been seen at Cannes during the last week.
  5. Imaginative. Soothing. Captivating. A ruined paper factory in Taipei City has been transformed into a green paradise.
Image: Booooooom


Ps: I’ve been nominated as a Kidspot Top 50 Blogger. I’d be tickled pink if you took a moment to vote for me!

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