Five Alive Friday

I blinked, and almost missed this week. Hopefully the weekend slows down or Monday will be on my doorstep way too soon for my liking!

  1. If Glen likes it, then I know I’ll love it! Inside Out Style Director, Glen Proebstel, is now sharing some of this inspiration online.
  2. Marco Ugolini likes to keep his groceries colour coordinated.
  3. I didn’t recognise Jessica Alba as the vampy vixen in this Vogue Italia shoot.
  4. Thought all pigeons looked the same? Then you’re obviously not up with the 2010 Grand National Pigeon Show!
  5. LOVE is one of my favourite fashion mags. They have also just launched an iPad app that has become my latest time waster.


Image: Bold and beautiful Dinosaur Designs pieces spotted over at Elle.
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