Five Alive Friday

Australia has been facing some very dark days. There have been many times that tears have prickled my eyes as I watched and heard about about the floods ravaging Queensland.

This week, the normally flippant and irreverent Five Alive Friday feels so inappropriate. Instead, I’d like to share five links that relate to the unfathomable reality that is facing so many. Please feel free to share in the comments links to articles and commentary you have found – or more importantly links to organisations we can support in their support of those affected.

  1. If you only visit one link this week, please make it the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal and make a donation. You can also donate in person at most banks, or do like we did, and make a contribution when visiting our local Woolworth’s supermarket. Every cent counts.
  2. QLD Premier, Anna Bligh, has been all strength and certainty. A true (and to many, a surprising) leader during this time. Here’s a great opinion piece about how her sense of being ‘real’ sets her apart from the cliched Julia Gillard.
  3. I found the story of 13 year old, Jordan Rice, absolutely heartbreaking.
  4. How’s this for a sign of the times – there’s now an app that provides links to helpful services; ABC podcasts and up-to-the-minute information about weather warnings, road closures and power outages.
  5. Shop for QLD with jewellery designer and celebrity favourite, Samantha Wills. For the next few days, she’s donating $20 from every selected piece that she sells online. During this time Samantha hopes to raise $30,000.
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