Five Alive Friday


Happy Friday lovelies!

How good does it feel to have a long weekend on the horizon? Are you going away? I’m staying close to home – I have a date with Elvis, will be giving a few rooms at home a colourful makeover with a new coat of paint and plan on cooking a long lunch for some friends on Monday. Bliss!

I hope you have a happy weekend – in the meantime, here’s a bunch of links to distract, amuse and entertain you…


  1. If you only read one thing this week, make it When My Dad Was Dying, We Forgot to Ask Him How He Wanted to Live
  2. I was surprised to find this piece on Kathy Griffin, Performative Outrage and the Relativity of Shame in Teen Vogue, but boy was I glad I did.
  3. Check out one photographer’s amazing firsthand look at the 1980’s Jamaican dancehall scene.
  4. Have a peak inside Alannah Hill’s home which is currently for sale.
  5. 10 Things I Don’t Worry About As A Single Mother offers a brilliant reality check for all mothers.
  6. Find out why it’s goodbye Coke Zero.
  7. These popsicles might look like something you’d get from an organic, artisanal food truck – but look again!
  8. Minimalists will love Hotel Mono, a monochrome hotel in Singapore.
  9. Check out the most popular engagement ring on Pinterest.
  10.  The A to Z of Superfood Recipes is a handy little guide you might like to add to your repertoire!


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