Five Alive Friday


Happy Friday lovelies! How’s your week been? I f*cked my back up good ‘n’ proper so it’s been a week of osteo and myotherapy appointments! I’m starting to feel better just in time for a fun weekend down the coast with friends. I can’t wait for some red wine and rugged up beach walks.

I hope you have a happy weekend on the horizon – in the meantime here’s a bunch of links to distract, amuse and entertain until the good times arrive!



  1. Uh oh. Mamamia got trolled!
  2. When You Picture Someone With A Mental Illness, Picture Me In a Nice Tailored Suit’ is an incredibly raw and honest piece by TV and radio guy, Osher Günsberg.
  3. See how the world’s oldest person is remembered in the objects she left behind.
  4. Here’s one sauce you can use for five different no-fuss dinners.
  5. How long until sex? For millennials, try 10 texts or less.
  6. Check out 27 things truly exceptional bosses do every day.
  7. I love how Californian-based photographer, Deanna Templeton, has captured eight years of her friends skinny dipping.
  8. Wowzers! Look at this stunning IKEA hack.
  9. Are you giving way too many f*cks?
  10. Here’s a great little roundup of where to buy maternity clothes you’ll actually want to wear.
Image by Ja Soon Kim
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