Five Alive Friday

Are we there yet? Let these five links help you tread water and look busy until 5pm rolls around!
  1. Ah…’aint geek love grand! Check out the guy that proposed to his girlfriend via an 11 hour treasure hunt using a custom-built iPhone app.
  2. You can get your first look at the Karl Lagerfeld shot 2011 Pirelli calender over here.
  3. Believe me when I say – these images of machines laying brickwork like carpet will blow your mind!
  4. So you think that all personalised Christmas cards are oh-so-daggy. Well, you obviously haven’t seen these ones by Pinhole Press. (It’s just a mighty big shame that they don’t yet ship to Australia. Boo hoo!)
  5. Is this the most embarrassing dad in the world?!
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