Five Alive Friday


It’s the last Friday of the month, so strap yourself in and let’s get a good dose of Five Alive Friday:

  1. I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss is such a brilliant read.
  2. What if you don’t want to be a girl boss?
  3. This project is truly beautiful.
  4. Seth Godin never gets it wrong. Especially in this piece about self talk.
  5. This advice about avoiding addictive time vampires is brilliant.
  6. Inbox Zero vs Inbox 5,000: A Unified Theory.
  7. This is how Torre del Borgo, a 12th century tower outside Bergamo, gets a seriously impressive, modern makeover.
  8. Looking for a little weekend reading? Then check out The Book Of Life.
  9. Australian illustrator, Adrian Hogan, turns the simple coffee cup into a piece of art.
  10. Kate Moss posed for 10 days to get this iconic shot.
  11. Check out the nail polish colour everyone will be wearing this summer.
  12. Here are ten fruits and vegetables you’re storing wrongly.
  13. Which Australian restaurants made the world’s 100 best list?
  14. Lisa Sugar, the brains behind POPSUGAR, shares her story.
  15. If Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys was part of your childhood, you’ll love this.
  16. Here’s what a minimalist wardrobe looks like.
  17. Ever wondered if sparkling water is bad for you?
  18. From BryanBoy to Man Repeller, this is a definitive history of personal style blogs.
  19. This sort of precision blows my mind.
  20. Check out this very clever DIY for creating embroidered postcards.


Image by Louise Zhang 
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