Five Alive Friday

I‘m certainly not complaining, but I think that was the fastest week I’ve had in a long time! To keep the momentum going, here’s five links to get you to 5pm. Enjoy!

  1. Have you heard? Frankie magazine are putting out a 2011 Diary. Beautifully illustrated it makes the mundane utterly delightful. Now, this one’s going straight to the top of my Christmas wish list…
  2. Planning on having a big one at tomorrow’s Grand Final? Then you might need this French wine vending machine!
  3. It’s been over a year since I started blogging and (touch wood) I haven’t run out of steam yet! If I do, you can count on me heading to Sorry I haven’t Posted for highly amusing apology inspiration.
  4. Here’s a fab round-up of the top eco collections that graced the runway at New York Fashion Week.
  5. Jared Buckheister’s, photographic series Prom Kings & Queens is gold, gold, gold!
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