Five Alive Friday

Liebespaar -

Happy Friday lovers! Here’s five links to amuse, entertain and distract you until the weekend arrives…

  1. These images of last meals of prisoners on death row are fascinating – and not always what you would expect.
  2. Check out All The Building in New York. It’s a beautifully ambitious attempt to draw every building in NYC.
  3. Start dreaming of warmer weather with Bassike’s Spring/Summer lookbook.
  4. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, here’s six health questions to ask your mum today.
  5. Ex-Grazia editor, Amy Malloy, wishes she could be mediocre like her friends. I’m sure she’s being deliberately controversial in this Daily Mail article, but this drivel is highly entertaining. In a pathetic kind of way!


Image: Robot Cosmonaut
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