Doll Face

Just saying the word ‘babushka’ makes me want to don a black veil, drape myself around a Double Bass and sing:
Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya!

So you can imagine the state I got myself in when I laid eyes on these cute-as-a-button Babushka dolls by Morgan Wills!

Images: Morgan Wills

For big and little girls alike, each Babushka takes Morgan four hours to make and is lovingly handcrafted from repurposed designer clothing samples, woolen blankets, vintage tea towels, and op shop finds. Available as hair buttons, rattles, greeting cards and a mama and baby pair, these Babushkas will make your heart sing and have you humming Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya all day long!

From $6 to $100, Available here.
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