Borne Naked Handbag Challenge

Throw a challenge my way, and I’ll have a crack at it – particularly one that is called Borne Naked! Sounds risque, huh?! Actually, it is more a case of being risky. You see, it necessitated me diving into the black hole that is my handbag and giving it a good ol’ fashioned sort out. Fancy seeing the results?

Welcome to the jungle! This is my handbag in all it’s ‘Before’ glory. I’m the first to admit, that the bigger the bag, the more crap I’ll stuff into it. In fact, the husband has put a boycott on fishing anything out of my bag as he thinks you need a miners hat to find anything in there!

Want to get up close and personal? This is the contents of my bag. When I laid everything out it struck me that the things in my bag reveal all the balls I juggle – there is stuff for work, stuff for Junior and a few extra bits and bobs to keep me looking presentable as I run around like a mad woman!

Remember how I said recently that I always have a few bags on the go and am forever transferring all my stuff between them? Well it looks like the handbag goddess’ were listening because a Borne Naked Handbag Liner recently arrived in the mail.

This nifty little bag is designed to organise and de-clutter your handbag. It also makes transferring essentials from bag to bag a cinch….so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Voila! Who would have thought that all my stuff would fit so easily into one Handbag Liner?
And here’s the ‘After’ shot! With everything in it’s place, I’m all sorted and ready for when my next nappy bag/shopping bag/night bag changeover strikes.

Do you have everything including the kitchen sink in your handbag? What’s the strangest thing you tote around?!

From $24.96; available online from Borne Naked.
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