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Last weekend I packed my bags and headed to Sydney for Kidspot’s Voices of 2013 masterclass. Initially this  sojourn was just an excuse to bail on the daily grind and have some time away.

It seems I totally underestimated proceedings though! The chance to simply be with other bloggers from from all corners of the country was truly energising. After almost four years of blogging, I sometimes get a little weary (and maybe lazy) and wonder whether I should just raise the white flag and stop.

But the weekend gave me one big serving of sweet connections that left me buzzing. It gave me connections with people who are blogging and get this beautifully strange caper. It started my mind connecting new ideas and new inspirations for Checks and Spots. And more importantly it connected me with some powerful words that gave me a tear prickle when I heard them, and I’ve been holding them close ever since:


I am lost and I rejoice in the openness,

I can not decide where to go,

So for now, I will dance where I am and be.

There is no goal, no destination,

just wilderness and life and being.

I sing and dance and live in the wilderness.

I am home.


This African saying is from a short film called ‘Picket Fenced-In’, that Hailey Bartholomew made five years ago and showed as part of her talk on ideas. It says a lot about where I am at the moment, and not just with blogging! It made me feel excited.

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