A Day In My Life: Clare Hillier, Editor and Creator of Checks and Spots


For the last three years I’ve shared with you The Days of Our Lives, a weekly series that looks at the daily routine of creative and entrepreneurial folk. Today, I’m sticking a little closer to home and have teamed up with Garnier and Kidspot to create a video that gives you a glimpse into a day in my life and how I create Checks and Spots.

From starting my day at 5:30 am and the craziness of getting the kids out the door on time to hatching plans for our next shoot with my partner in crime, Fiona Storey, or trawling some of my favourite haunts – South Village Trading and Bes62 – this is what it takes to make Checks and Spots happen.

I  hope you enjoy watching a day in my life…



Photograph by Fiona Storey
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