The Days of Our Lives: Sarah Lawrence, Cotton On KIDS

sarah-lawrence-cotton-on-kids-roomcotton-on-kids-room cotton-on-kids-room cotton-on-kids-room cotton-on-kids-room

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Sarah Lawrence, the lucky gal with one of the best gigs going around – Product Developer for Cotton On KIDS Room.

Sarah started her career in Melbourne as a Product Developer in womenswear for various fashion brands including General Pants and Marcs Baby Doll. After a career break to have two children, Sarah and Peta Baldacchino saw a huge gap in the market for affordable, on trend kids bed linen and room accessories. They met with Cotton On KIDS and the rest is history. Now working on the 5th range for Cotton On KIDS room, the range continues to evolve and is growing rapidly – recently launching in USA and South Africa.

This is a day in Sarah’s life…


The Daily Routine of Sarah Lawrence, Product Developer at Cotton On KIDS Room

cotton-on-kids-room cotton-on-kids-room

6.00 am

Alarm goes off, although I am already usually awake.  My son Ryder tends to wake any time after 5am and sneak into our bed, where he promptly falls fast asleep and somehow manages to take up an entire king size bed.


6.30 am

Drag myself out of bed after snoozing the alarm multiple times and start the shower, breakfast, coffee routine.


7.45 am

Herd kids into car and make approximately seven trips back into house for forgotten drink bottles, hair clips or toys that they cannot possibly survive the day at childcare without.


8.30 am

Arrive at work and breathe a sigh of relief. Enjoy second coffee of the day while checking emails and writing a rough (very rough!) plan for the day.


9.00 am

Start the seemingly never ending round of meetings, which although time consuming are a hugely important part of our business.

We meet to discuss best sellers, trends and how they will fit with our business, ensuring we are all aligned and look like one business, even though there are many buyers/creatives involved.

Each day is varied at Cotton On but nearly every day we spend time approving submissions, working on new development, planning photo shoots and looking at what is working in other areas of our business.


1.00 pm

Lunch at my desk and this when I usually indulge my secret addiction (a daily check of Domain) I am completely addicted to house hunting – even though we are no longer hunting. I love the sneak peek into other people’s homes.

I aim to drag myself off to the Cotton On Group gym at some stage throughout the day (although this only actually happens once a week), and find that when I make the effort to do this, I am definitely more productive afterwards.


5.00 pm

Start making my list for the next day. The day is always so busy and flies by – but I love that I am never bored, and there is always so much going on with such a rapidly growing business.


5.30 pm

My husband usually collects the kids and starts dinner on my work days. If I get home early enough we often take the dogs and kids for a quick run on the beach – which always reminds us why we made the choice to move from Melbourne and how happy we are that we did.


8.00-ish pm

Get kids to bed and enjoy a glass of wine while indulging my other (not so secret) addiction – Pinterest. I just love a good Pinterest session – from kids rooms, to renovation ideas, to fashion – it’s a never ending source of inspiration.


10.00 pm

My favourite time of day – fall into bed and try and get some sleep before any little people decide to sneak in!


You can keep up to date with everything that’s happening at Cotton On KIDS by following them on Instagram or Facebook.

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