10 Things Rachel Zoe Taught Me About Success


Over the last two decades, Rachel Zoe’s star has risen as she turned red-carpet styling into big business. Now, the celebrity stylist, designer and editor is often regarded as Hollywood’s most powerful fashion player.

While I was in New York, I was lucky enough to lunch with Rachel at a recent Business Chicks event. Candid, genuine and incredibly frank, this is what Rachel had to say about  success and what she’s learnt along the way.


10 Things Rachel Zoe Taught Me About Success

  1. The minute you get too comfortable it’s over. You have to keep reinventing what you do.
  2. Stop saying never. “I never thought I’d write a book. I never thought I’d be a designer. I never thought I’d have a TV show. While I’ve stopped saying never, I will definitely never eat an oyster!”
  3. There’s always fear but go at it with the mindset, ‘What have I got to lose?’
  4. Motherhood. “Having children has changed my perspective. I think differently and clearly. I have a new clarity about what I want to do.”
  5. Set yourself up for success. “Never make unrealistic goals.”
  6. Take the high road.  “Biting my tongue is the hardest lesson I have ever learnt. Sometimes you just have to smile and move on.”
  7. Defining success. “I know my strengths and my weaknesses and always think I can do better. I’m also cursed with the inability to understand when I have succeeded. Often those ‘pinch me moments’ pass before I’ve realised I’m in them.”
  8. Resist the urge to micromanage. “When I empower people to do what they do best they will always do the best job.”
  9. Follow your gut. “Don’t go by what looks good on paper. Something also has to feel right.”
  10. Keep it real. “As quick as you are lifted up, you can fall down.”


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