What You Need to Know About Raw Honey

If you’re trying to cut back on refined sugar, you probably think that honey is a smart choice, right? But did you know that not all honey is created equal? Find out about the health benefits of raw honey and why it should be at the top of your shopping list.

Make + Bake With Anneka: Baking with Honey

Want to find out how you easily substitute honey in a recipe that calls for sugar? Guest blogger, Anneka Manning from BakeClub, explains how to make this simple swap and shares with us her recipe for Honey and Pecan Loaf.

Lunchbox Filler: Muesli Bar Slice

Send the kids back to school with this yummy muesli bar slice. Wheat, nut and dairy-free, it also choc-a-block with sneaky, healthy ingredients that they won’t know are in there!

Five Common Paleo Diet Myths…Debunked

The paleo way of eating is getting a stack of attention at the moment. What what exactly is it? To separate fact from fiction, naturopath, raw food expert and 80/20 paleo convert, Jules Galloway, is helping us debunk five of the most common paleo diet myths.

Sweet Spot

Have you noticed that ditching sugar seems to be the new Atkins diet? Everyone seems to be going sugar-free. Everyone by me! And I certainly won’t be breaking up with my sweet friend anytime soon, especially now that there is a new honey in town.

The Simple Pursuit of Happiness

Image: Virgin Honey Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m a happy person. But this weekend made me even happier than usual. It was the synchronicity of lots of little things…a swim in the ocean…rosé and deliciously salty school prawns…dancing…sleeping between crisp hotel sheets…discovering new things about an old friend…that added up to a sea …