Finding Simplicity

Lately, some fairly hard decisions have arrived at the door. I kept resisting them until I realised they were all pointing to the same thing – the need for simplicity.

In a happy stroke of synchronicity, Mum emailed me a quote from one of her her yoga classes. It’s about nourishing your spirit with voluntary simplicity:

The concept of voluntary simplicity is to do what you are doing at that moment with complete awareness. If you are eating, eat – if you are walking, walk.  Stopping the impulse to squeeze just one more thing into your day.  This impulse to be busy doesn’t care what it is feeding on, it just wants to be fed, to fill your time and keep you from awareness.

By limiting these impulses, you are able to connect more deeply to your heart and to your spirit.  Voluntary simplicity means going fewer places in one day, rather than more; seeing less so you can see more.  It’s hard we all have commitments to work, family, children, activities and such  – but if we can learn to slow down and not by impulse answer the phone at the moment we are spending time with our loved ones or just do that ‘one more thing’ before going to bed, then life can be so much richer.  This practice keeps us mindful of what is important, it gives us freedom and nourishes our heart.

With my business taking flight beyond all expectations, a young family and renovation that that has more twists and turns than an episode of Grand Designs (just without the grand design or grand budget!), I’ve decided to simplify Checks and Spots. Rather than updating daily, I’ll post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In between these days, I’ll also share a few short and sweet snippets over on Twitter and Facebook.  It’s just for the time being and one of many changes I am making as part of a quest for voluntary simplicity.

I hope to still see you around these parts!



If anyone knows who I can attribute the above quote to, please let me know // Image: We Heart It
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