The Three Questions Our Family Answers Every Night at Dinner


Every night at our house is the same. Over dinner we play the 3 G’s where everyone takes turns answering three questions:

  • What was great about your day?
  • What are you grateful for today?
  • What is your goal for tomorrow?

Not only do these three little questions get everyone talking about they did, but they make gratitude a daily focus. They also keep our gaze forward looking by talking about tomorrow.

When we started this dinnertime game six months ago, I wasn’t sure how much our kids would get out of it as they’re still pretty young. But I liked the intent behind 3 G’s and what it brought into our home – sharing, communication and positivity – so I thought we’d have a crack at it. Boy, have I been surprised how quickly they’ve picked it up! As soon as we sit down, Mabel says,  ‘3 G’s! 3 G’s!’ while Alfie has had some pretty ace 5 year old responses.

So tonight, as you’re having dinner with your family, maybe you might like to join us and play the 3 G’s?


Painting by Bob Dornberg.
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