Find Out How $3 Helps Empower The Women of Southern Uganda

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Cotton on Body has joined forces with the Cotton On Foundation to launch, Nutrition Mission, an initiative that empowers women in Southern Uganda and makes my heart want to burst.

The pilot program, which includes two eight-week courses, educates over 60 women in the rural village of Busibo on the how they can help their families be healthy. It recognises that they have little access to a diverse range of food groups and limited information on the basics of nutrition, and looks to provide them with practical ways to care for their community through the food they prepare.

Run by a trained teacher based in Uganda, the Nutrition Mission teaches them about health, wellbeing, and food preparation. At the end of the course, the women will be empowered to return home and teach other women in their community the skills they’ve learnt, including how to grow and maintain their own vegetables.


Meet Namubiru Pauline



Namubiru Pauline is one of the women who is taking part in the Nutrition Mission’s pilot program. She lives with her husband, six children and two elders. They struggle for food in the dry season and often have to sell their goats to buy food when it’s too dry to maintain their crops. Her family also used to have a cow, but they had to sell it for school fees.

“I hope to learn how to make a variety of foods. I always cook but do not know if the food is good for my family’s health,” says Namubiru. “I hope my knowledge will help me make small changes at home, to make our meals more nutritious.”


How Can You Help?

Nutrition Mission Tote Cotton On Foundation

Pop into a Cotton On Body store before the end of June, and pick up one of the Cotton On Foundation products – like this limited edition tote which only costs $3. All proceeds go directly towards funding the Nutrition Mission program, which is expected to cost $100,000.

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