That One Night


I love this photo of my fella and I. It was taken at a recent wine launch and I can imagine what was going on…

I would have been rabbiting on about how excited I was that MOJO winemakers had engaged some of my favourite artists, including Ghost Patrol, Kirra Jamieson, Barbara Kitallides and Luci Everett to create beautiful and daring wine labels for their new range, Studio MOJO.

I would have got on my soapbox and banged on about the fact that so many brand collaborations feel insincere, but this one was refreshingly genuine.

I would have told him that soon Studio MOJO is launching a Riesling from Clare Valley. Then I would have said for the 500th time since we met, “Did you know that my name doesn’t have an ‘i’ in it because I was named after Clare Valley?”

I would have been saying I really shouldn’t be drinking so much on a school night. Oh f*ck it – it’s a damn fine drop. Let’s have another one!

And through all of this, he would have been nodding and pretending to listen….which is probably why we’ve managed to stay married for eight years!


In all seriousness though, check out this short video which features each of the artists who are involved in this incredible collaboration and make sure you introduce yourself to  Studio MOJO next time you’re in your local bottle-o!

mojo-winemakers-artist-collaboration-3 mojo-winemakers-artist-collaboration-3


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