A Lamp Light to the Stars

Normally Friday is spent with five frivolous links. But after a week tempered by loss, it doesn’t feel appropriate.

Instead, I find myself returning to some of the rawest, more beautiful words, I have ever come across. I tore them out of the newspaper when I was just 16 and I still have them tucked away. They were written by Olivia Havyatt, a girl who was also 16 years old when she passed away.


I accept myself, and that life does not have to be long to be beautiful. I tried to swim and nearly drowned. My lungs caught fire, but the fire became a lamp light to the stars….Now I swim towards a new life and I am no longer afraid. Swim with me.


Fill your days with love and revel in even the smallest nuances of the mundane because it is all too fleeting.


Image: We Heart It
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