Somebody That I Used to Know

This weekend, Alfie and I got hooked on Gotye’s newest track, Somebody That I Used To Know. If features the incredible Kimbra in the third verse and contains a good dose of emotional baggage that makes me think of friends lost – rather than loves lost.

As for Alfie, he’s dead keen on the clip. He calls it the ‘Painted Man Song’ and it has become his most requested tune…which makes as welcome change from Watermelon (sorry Justine)!

PS: I heard Gotye talking on the radio about the making of this clip. He said the second day of filming stretched out for 36 hours. When he finished he jumped in his car, still in full body paint, for the 2 hour drive back to his home. He went through a McDonald’s drive-thru to get a coffee for the trip and they didn’t bat an eyelid!


Image: A Lep Is a Ball // Video: Vimeo

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