Five Alive Friday

MoMA at NGV MoMA at NGV MoMA at NGV MoMA at NGV - Tom Ross ( MoMA at NGV MoMA at NGV MoMA at NGV MoMA at NGV

Happy Friday lovelies! Have you had a good week? Here are five things that have lit up my world this week that I thought you might like too…

  1. Blown away by MoMA at NGV: 130 Years of Modern and Contemporary Art. It opens tomorrow at the National Gallery of Victoria and features more than 200 masterworks from New York’s iconic Museum of Modern Art. The all-star line up of nineteenth and twentieth-century artists, includes Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dalí, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, Edward Hopper, Louise Bourgeois, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Diane Arbus, Agnes Martin and Andy Warhol.
  2. Reading The School of Life Dictionary, a brilliant guide to the language of emotional intelligence.
  3. Living in tights, boots and this Saint Rose leather skirt. Made from ultra soft, Nappa leather and coming in under 200 clams, it’s been my buy of the season!
  4. Finalising all the fixtures, fittings and finishes for the home we are building down the coast. After two years of design and planning, excavation is starting next week. While I have renovated before, creating a home entirely from my dreams is a very different experience – and one I can’t wait to share with you.
  5. Loving Magnum + Queens‘ brand spankin’ new store, an emporium of carefully selected wine, beer, craft sprits and accompaniments.
Images from MoMA at NGV by Tom Ross
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