Five Alive Friday


Happy Friday! Here are five things that have set my world alight this week…

I hope you have a happy weekend!



  • Watching Human Flow, a phenomenal documentary about the global refugee crisis by artist, Ai Weiwei. This doco is at the tail-end of it’s season, so there are only a few cinemas still screening it, but I urge you to see it. The cinematography is mind-blowing on a big screen and the content will totally reframe how you think about our world.
  • Listening to Tim Ferris’ podcast with Jack Kornfield. Jack is an author, Buddhist Practitioner and one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West. Their three hour discussion on finding freedom, love and joy in the present has lots of gems to takeaway. It has also planted the seed that in the next year I want to go to Spirit Rock, Jack’s retreat in California, and take part in a 10 day silent retreat – the idea of this both terrifies and excites me!
  • Making this insanely good Karen Martini Cabbage, Pea, Mint, Chilli and Parmesan salad for a big family dinner at our house.
  • Wearing (everyday!) the Valentino cuff my girls surprised me with on my birthday.
  • Taking home a piece from Loretto Lizzio’s latest exhibition.


Image: By Tezza
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